Is School Enough? via PBS (HT @aenclade, @willrich45)

amanda enclade (@aenclade)
9/1/13, 4:12 PM
Preview of a soon to be released PBS video. Wondering: why can’t passions exist in school as well? via @willrich45

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.56.04 PM

“Is School Enough?” Preview from PBS.

TED Talks Education: 8 Talks, One-Hour PBS Special

TED Talks Education [<— click]

As a country, how can we better inspire our students — and support our educators? To explore ideas, TED, WNET, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting have teamed up for a brand-new one-hour special, funded by CPB’s “American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen.” TED Talks Education is an exhilarating night of talks hosted by John Legend.