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    • the very existence of Community Time in the schedule sends an important implicit message to students: “We, your teachers, don’t set the agenda for everything that’s important to learn
    • The practice they have gained through Community Time has contributed in part to the success of a new, student-led Community Standards Committee in which students drive topics such as the gender-appropriateness­ of our dress code, raise cultural awareness around identity, and work with the dean of students to address our more serious disciplinary matters. The success of that group, in turn, drives the administration to consider other, bolder means of teaching through experiences and developing programs that reflect the understanding of cognitive science. Ultimately, Community Time is not a final product, but a meaningful step in an ongoing effort to ensure that we are teaching in every aspect of our school day, not just in the classroom.
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    • I think that this proved further that students should be the ones solving the world’s problems.
    • create a student-led design challenge
    • a bunch of high school students who had never met before can come together and discuss as well as come up with solutions to Atlanta’s biggest problems. This shows that students are capable of a lot more than most adults give them credit for.
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    • We need to look at the world around us and consider what global problems modern society will need our children to solve.
    • America needs massive change in our understanding of the learning experience, not simply in our exam results.
    • to change the world, we need a generation of new minds equipped with new ways of thinking.
    • Prototype Design Camp was created by Christian Long, a visionary educator, to introduce and infuse design thinking skills into the K-12 landscape.

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