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    • But like a growing number of employees called intrapreneurs, he chose to start something new in his existing company and innovate from within.
    • This isn’t employees trying to do better at their existing jobs or move up the ladder; this is them wanting to create something new that doesn’t currently exist.
    • “We would create these safe spaces for intrapreneurs to come together and share their stories about working in the corporate world because they are going against the grain so often.”
    • millennials want things companies aren’t currently giving them: autonomy, creativity, and meaning. But if companies give their talent something to focus on, projects to own, they will stay and help their company move forward.
    • “You have to reprogram these goliath organizations and make their cultures be more future friendly—that’s the role of the intrapreneurs.”
    • The future belongs to individuals and companies who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, whether that is inside or outside a company
    • fundamental question is what is going to have people get motivated and inspired to be in their highest contribution. What is going to get you fired up to do what you came here to do? And I think the more that all of us are asking those questions and engaging in those opportunities, the better we are all going to be.”

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