On the journey to why, purpose is the new bottom line.

Connecting with core messages from Simon Sinek and Seth Godin, Casey Gerald implores us to take our journeys to why and choose ourselves. In an inspiring Creative Mornings talk, Gerald explores that space which is not quite entrepreneurship and not quite social innovation…and forever moving the Doing Well sphere into the Doing Good sphere.

There’s no item on a balance sheet for “Give a damn.” But it’s the most valuable thing you’ve got in the business.

– Casey Gerald quoting Dave Schiff

How might we redesign school to be about the work of empowering learners to pursue such purpose as their bottom lines? A veritable army of creatives and learning designers are exploring just such a question at The Teachers Guild.

May these worlds collide and spark something amazing. You can find me at that very intersection.

HT Tina Roth Eisenberg, @SwissMiss

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