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  • Incredible piece about the incredibly designed UX at Disney. What if “school” had more of this UX design and capability? Wow!

    HT @TreyBoden

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    • In fact, it’s called the paradox of choice: You make people happier not by giving them more options but by stripping away as many as you can. The redesigned Disney World experience constrains choices by dispersing them, beginning long before the trip is under way. “There are missions in a vacation,” Staggs says. In other words, Disney knows that parents arrive to its parks thinking: We have to have tea with Cinderella, and where the hell is that Buzz Lightyear thing, anyway? In that way, the park isn’t a playground so much as a videogame, with bosses to be conquered at every level. The MagicBands let you simply set an agenda and let everything else flow around what you’ve selected. “It lets people’s vacations unfold naturally,” Staggs says. “The ability to plan and personalize has given way to spontaneity.” And that feeling of ease, and whatever flows from it, just might make you more apt to come back.
    • Will the world at large ever become something akin to Disney World, loaded with sensors attuned to our every move, designed to free us? There are signs.
  • “Innovation is a journey. It’s a type of collaborative problem solving, usually among people who have different expertise and different points of view. Innovations rarely get created full-blown.”

    “we found that innovative organizations are communities that have three capabilities: creative abrasion, creative agility and creative resolution.”

    “Why is it that Pixar and Google are able to innovate time and again? It’s because they’ve mastered the capabilities required for that. They know how to do collaborative problem solving, they know how to do discovery-driven learning and they know how to do integrated decision making.”

    “For sure, there are times when visionary leadership is exactly what is needed. But if we want to build organizations that can innovate time and again, we must recast our understanding of what leadership is about. Leading innovation is about creating the space where people are willing and able to do the hard work of innovative problem solving.”

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1 thought on “#MustRead Shares (weekly)

  1. I wonder, though, Bo and Trey, if a corollary result is not the loss of individual exploration? Don’t we want to enjoy and embrace that feeling of finding our own path, perhaps not at Disneyworld (which is on my list of both magical places and also circles of Hell) but in many other elements of life? I hate the idea of seeing people on a back country trail being guided only via their GPS and not be the lay of the land. How do we find this balance, and how do we find it in schools. We will stew on this!

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