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  • Great piece about creating entrepreneur-oriented educational paradigm, NOT simply inserting an “entrepreneurship course” into school curriculum.

    Thx @YongZhaoUO for highlighting the value of @MViDiploma: Not a course, a new model. http://t.co/d2rxdQmCCg cc @jbrettjacobsen @boadams1

    HT @MeghanCureton (tweet above)

    tags: entrepreneurship 21C real-world #MustRead idiploma innovationdiploma Synergy mindset

    • Entrepreneurship is fundamentally about the desire to solve problems creatively. The foundation of entrepreneurship—creativity, curiosity, imagination, risk-taking, and collaboration—is, just like the ideas of engineering, “in our bones and part of our human nature and experience.”
    • To cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset cannot be achieved by simply adding another course to teach entrepreneurship to the existing paradigm. We now need a new education paradigm—entrepreneur-oriented education, instead of the employee-oriented education. Such a paradigm is really about the human dimensions.
    • It is about respecting children as human beings and about supporting, not suppressing, their passion, curiosity, and talent.

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