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  • Great piece on #Curiosity. The first example of the Obay ad campaign alone is worth the #MustRead! HT @MeghanCureton

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    • In an age where information is superabundant (but attention spans are short), the potential value to be gained from understanding and harnessing the power of curiosity is huge.
      • For anyone with the challenging task of selling information to an audience, here are three excellent strategies to create curiosity:

        1. Create conflict

        3. Introduce novelty

        5. Encourage perplexity
    • High school math teacher Dan Meyer defines perplexity as the state wherein a student doesn’t know something, wants to know it, and feels it is in their power to do so. When sufficiently perplexed, students actively pursue the knowledge that would otherwise have been forced on them.
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    • This blog has helped me realize how important feedback really is for both the receiver and the giver.
    • since this blog, it has been the first time I can honestly say that I felt like my writing was making some sort of impact.
    • I care more about maintaining this blog then I do about some if not most of my school homework.
    • despite the other work I may have because this is just as important.

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