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  • Want an INCREDIBLE example of curiosity-based, journey-driven learning? Follow Steve Goldberg’s blog. Instead of bucket-ing curriculum in siloed subject areas, what if (at least part of) the school day launched from current events as a means for deep, integrated, transdisciplinary learning?!

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  • Great piece on innovation, project-based learning, and the spaces that help energize such work and learning.
    HT @TJEdwards62

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    • What would it mean for schools to have a culture centered on design thinking and interdisciplinary projects instead of siloed subjects? What if the process of education were as intentionally crafted as the products of education (i.e., we always think about the book report or the final project, but not the path to get there). What if teachers were treated as designers?
    • philosophy behind the design reveals something deeper — that its layout was designed to foster “forced collisions of people,” because “the best meetings were meetings that happened spontaneously in the hallway.”
    • Imagine what could happen if the advanced physics student and the photography student had meaningful collisions in the average American high school. What if they did by design — if their classwork wove together diverse content and skills intentionally and elegantly? What would young people see as possible? They might come to understand that the lines between music, math, physics, and art are much blurrier than textbooks make them appear. Schools could be the breeding ground for a new millennium of Renaissance young men and women where creating something trumps memorizing it.
    • valuable innovations are born from serious play, deep teamwork, and a holistically engaged (and cared for) staff.
    • Imagine what might happen if students had this same power to edit and make their own spaces within the school environment.
    • What are the school environments in your community telling you? Telling your young people? It is time to re-imagine and invest in schools and spaces ripe for creativity and cross-pollination.
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    • A big part of brainstorming isn’t finding the perfect creative concept, but understanding the core problem better.
    • The key is to be open to slowing down.

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