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  • Project point of origin work. The more I dig into real-world PBL and innovation, the more I am struck by how the “big stories” begin with personal connection. Making space for learners to journey from a story of personal connection needs to be the next “big thing” in school design and scheduling.

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    • What if we invite students to solve real problems? What if the classroom doesn’t have walls? What if learning activities don’t always end with letter grades?
    • When Lehrer pitched the idea to students, he made it clear that they would be heading into uncharted territory.
    • Van As generously offered to fabricate a prosthetic hand for the child himself, but Lehrer decided to “keep that offer in my back pocket. I think he was surprised when I explained that I wanted to build this with my students.”
    • In hindsight, Lehrer can see how the club structure offered a range of benefits for this unusual project. He didn’t have to map the project to learning goals or think about grading. “I didn’t need to do assessments for these kids. Not that rubrics aren’t important,” he adds, “but there are times when you want kids to just take an idea and soar. What these students have learned is so clear to them. Their level of reflection is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”
    • “This wasn’t just an assignment. This is real life,”
    • If anyone’s thinking we can’t do real things with kids, I’m telling you you’re wrong.”
  • “By shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, we can move from school world to real world.”

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    • When leaders exchange a scarcity mindset for one of abundance and innovation, they open the door to an empowering click-through curriculum.
    • it’s about self-direction, passion, interests, persistence, critical thinking, curation, and outcomes. There’s a greater focus on what they have done and will do with what you’ve learned, rather than how they learned it.
  • “We should embrace the challenge of trying to outdo ourselves in all forms.”

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