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  • Three practical ways to use information gaps to stimulate curiosity:
    1. Start with the question
    2. Prime the pump
    3. Bring in communication.

    HT @MeghanCureton

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    • uriosity is the engine of intellectual achievement—it’s what drives us to keep learning, keep trying, keep pushing forward
    • Curiosity arises, Loewenstein wrote, “when attention becomes focused on a gap in one’s knowledge. Such information gaps produce the feeling of deprivation labeled curiosity. The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling of deprivation.”
    • Loewenstein’s theory helps explain why curiosity is such a potent motivator: it’s not only a mental state but also an emotion, a powerful feeling that impels us forward until we find the information that will fill in the gap in our knowledge.
  • Great piece on symbiotic nature of strategy AND culture. Really important for schools to pay attention to this “lesson” if they hope to successfully transform as modern learning organizations.

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  • HT @KristynGatesA
    What would help faculty feel more energized, cared for, focused, inspired? http://t.co/10g6vUsnlv via @centerteach @EmilyBreite @boadams1

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    • If we intend to truly reform schools, we may have to put greater emphasis on the  importance of relationships between different members of the community.
    • Self-actualized people are: problem-focused; incorporate an ongoing appreciation for life; focus on personal growth; and are able to realize peak experiences.
    • Clearly, the strong connection between their models suggests that all school leaders should pay close attention to creating communities where their faculty’s core needs are met.
  • Projects, Portfolios, Learning Outcomes, and Defenses (Pitches) woven together for deeper learning.

    Check this out via @MindShiftKQE -ideas & catalysts in developing iProject @KristynGatesA @EmilyBreite @boadams1 http://t.co/8WakA2Dzjp

    HT @MeghanCureton

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    • Students have to master academic content and skills, collaborate effectively, think critically, reflect on how they learn, and understand how they can have an impact on their own success.
    • The Portfolio Defense is the culminating assessment of these skills: four years of working to learn specific class content, and a steady progression towards proficiency in the deeper learning outcomes.
    • Tidwell explained her philosophy of education as falling until one learns how and where to stand.
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  • A collaboration among universities and a high school around engineering and entrepreneurship. I think this is great stuff, AND I wonder why we tend to offer “this kind” of learning more in the summer — why not in the academic year as much?


    HT @emilybreite

    tags: engineering entrepreneurship PBL summer #MustRead

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