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  • Steve writes about his own temporary frustrations while being a co-learner with his students rather than the traditional ed “resident expert.” I so appreciate Steve’s honest reflection and encouragement to the Growth Mindset as we shift our paradigm about what it might mean to be “teacher” in different pedagogical postures.

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  • Fascinating “checklist for change:” 1) relearn the importance of collective action, 2) put an end to rhetorical excess, 3) empower a different kind of faculty leader, 4) recast the faculty-staffing table, 5) make the academic department the unit of instructional production.

    HT @meghancureton

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    • Changing that last condition—in essence, rebuilding a faculty culture of change and innovation—will require forceful and, more important, collective action on our part as members of the faculty. As individuals we will have to abandon that sense of ourselves as independent actors and agents.
  • In looking more deeply at “reflective practice,” I am re-examining a body of work under the umbrella of vulnerability. Interestingly, while doing so, a colleague in Baltimore sent an inquiry about reflective practice and Brene Brown. Also, this morning’s walk and podcast was Debbie Milman, of Design Matters, interviewing Dani Shapiro. They mention this post.

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  • “In the way they behave and structure the organizations where talented people work, leaders can draw out the slices of genius in each individual and assemble them into innovations that represent collective genius. The question is not “How do I make innovation happen?” but, rather, “How do I set the stage for it to happen?””

    HT @MeghanCureton, @CenterTeach

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