Citizens who saw things that could be working better and fixed them. #HackerCitizens

Catherine Bracy: Why good hackers make good citizens

It’s citizens who saw things that could be working better, and they decided to fix them. Through that work, they’re creating a 21st century ecosystem of participation. They’re creating a whole new way for citizens to be involved besides voting or signing a petition, or protesting. They can actually build…

How might school transform into a place/time/organization/peoples/network so that more collective energy and impassioned effort is put into hacking for participatory citizenship? For engaged citizen leadership?

Not only preparation for…BUT participation in…now.

= = = = =


If school is supposed to prepare students for real life, then why doesn’t it look more like real life?

How might we hack school to more closely resemble good education? #MustSee Logan LaPlante


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