How do you win? 3. Overcommunicate Clarity

Visible Reflections

Inspired by recent study of Andy Stanley and Patrick Lencioni I want to help my team “win” this semester. In order to win, we need a target. Stanley and Lencioni agree on some common principles:

1. Build a Cohesive Team who is committed to the win.

2. Create Clarity. What have we come here to do?

3. Over-Communicate Clarity. Why are we doing it?

4. Reinforce clarity. How do we do it here?

Let me say it again. In another way, perhaps that will resonate better with you.

We are moving beyond school as we knew it before. We will not mandate one reading  or math program but we will inspire curiosity-drivern, creative competence-building,  gritty, learner-centered programming. You will not hear me define us by a textbook publisher or a single pedagogical practice. You will hear me say we are researching the brains of 0-18 year olds. We are…

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