#MustRead Shares (weekly)

  • A truly inspirational piece that reminds us professional educators to be grateful for our work. At the same time, I can’t help but think that one does not have to “Quit Your Job and Become a Teacher” if we would work more earnestly for Education 3.0, which could provide more opportunities for student learners to connect with “teachers” in their workplaces… a different way of thinking about “school.”

    [HT @RhettsMustangs]

    tags: teaching #MustRead

  • “The third annual Global Employability Survey, designed and commissioned by the French education consulting firm Emerging and carried out by the German market research firm Trendence, asked recruiters and senior international executives to profile an ideal university graduate — and the ideal university producing such graduates.”

    [HT Greg Jones @CoopScience]

    tags: global_competitiveness #MustRead

  • An oldie but goodie! Hat tip to Eileen Fennelly for sending me this piece and reminding me of it. Krakovsky gives a strong summary of Dweck’s mindset work and connects to a number of related researchers and applications.

    tags: mindset Dweck #MustRead

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