Designing with, not just for, the public (good)

The basics are not subjects. They’re purposes.

Sir Ken Robinson, #colab13, 9/22/2013

And design — user-centered design — enables impact on our purposes. What’s more, in school, design (“design thinking”) can serve as a trunkline that integrates various arteries, connects the capillaries of disciplines and amplifies our capacities to get somewhere with action.

Especially when we view the public, not as hindrances or headaches, but as part of our design team. [Hat tip to @bigwags, Mike Wagner, for pointing me to George Aye’s TEDxDesMoines Talk.]

2 thoughts on “Designing with, not just for, the public (good)

  1. “If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem” is what came to mind when I was listening to George Aye, especially when he said if we have the ability to do something but choose not to, we forfeit our whining rights. I believe that schools can act as the stimulus and link that provokes public involvement in its own affairs, which would lead to feelings of connection and empowerment. I look forward to learning more about and creating projects that include people from outside the school community and that integrate the various disciplines. Thanks for sharing.

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