Persistence through doing things…solving things #EDUC115N

“Lots of people think knowledge is what we want, and I don’t believe that because knowledge is astonishingly transitory. We don’t employ people as knowledge bases. We employ people to actually do things or solve things. Knowledge basis comes out of books, so I want flexibility and continuous learning and I need team-working, and part of team working is communication. When you’re out doing any job in any business the tasks are not forty-five minutes max, they’re usually three week dollops or one day dollop or something, and the guy that gives up, oh sod it, you don’t want him. So the things therefore the flexibility, the team work, communications and the sheer persistence.”

Ray Peacock as quoted by Dr. Jo Boaler in EDUC115N How to Learn Math (MOOC)

2 thoughts on “Persistence through doing things…solving things #EDUC115N

  1. Jenny,

    I’m so glad to know that you found immediate use and value in these posts. It’s interesting what we chose to post, isn’t it? I posted the two pieces that you commented on almost as an after thought. But as I was engaging in the MOOC coursework, the bits spoke to me so strongly, I thought they would be important to share. I really appreciate you reaching out, commenting, and providing this feedback on the two posts.


  2. Divine coincidence again… it keeps happening. I suppose that should tell me something. I started to feel at the end of my rope with a few things, so I needed to read this, especially the word “persistence.”

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