T.G.I.M. or T.G.I.F.? Which are you?

Are you a T.G.I.M. kinda person or a T.G.I.F. kinda person? If you don’t subscribe to dichotomous views of the world, where are you on the spectrum of T.G.I.M. to T.G.I.F.?

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate to observe a teacher facilitating a lesson for about an hour. This teacher has 40+ years of experience in public and independent K-12 schools, as well as experience as a private tutor and coach. Based on reputation and observation, I’d say this person is a “master teacher.”

At one point, she turned to me and asked the first question from above – “Are you a T.G.I.M. kinda person or a T.G.I.F. kinda person?” She then went on to explain that she had always been a T.G.I.M. kinda person. And she attributed her love of teaching and learning to being purposeful about that mindset.

And it never seemed like just a motto, a catch-phrase, or empty words. I got a sense she lived for Mondays!

I love that.

2 thoughts on “T.G.I.M. or T.G.I.F.? Which are you?

  1. I love this, too, Bo! I do believe it is all about mindset that can make you a T.G.I.A. person– that is, thank God it is ANY day! When you love what you do and view it as a calling, then it doesn’t matter what day it is, you are ready to get started, get curious, and get learning!!!

    • Absolutely! In talking with this educator, I was so inspired by how she longed for the week to be beginning and emerging, instead of longing for the week to be over. A lot is communicated in that mindset.

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