Learning architecture #dtk12

And the problem is that, like a lot of design professions, we got fixated on the idea of providing a particular kind of consumer product, and I don’t think that needs to be the case anymore.

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people, TED

Clothed in the vestments of “architecture,” at its core, this talk is more universally about design thinking. And while I know that I have trained myself to suffer/benefit from the affliction/blessing I call “How-Does-This-Apply-To-School-And-Education?,” Parvin’s talk has profound implications for those in education who are willing and able to think about our design challenges for Education 3.0.

How have we in education gotten fixated on the idea of providing a certain kind of structure and experience called “school?” How might we examine and re-examine those fixations and “lead up” to what could be better for our learners and our citizenry?

How are you willing or not willing to rethink what we do as “school?” How might we use our knowledge and wisdom as learning architects to reconsider what we do and how we do it?

2 thoughts on “Learning architecture #dtk12

  1. I think the primary place where we are stuck is that we still remain too focused on the adult in school– the teacher’s load, the teacher’s training, the teacher’s location, the teacher’s materials, the teacher’s experience, and so on. Not to say that all of this is not important (some more than others), but it regrettably becomes the starting point when we try to move on or try something new. I applaud those educators and schools who truly put the child first. If we can get adults to recognize that if we put the learner first– that includes the adults– and approach it always from learning rather than “working,” then our experience will become richer in tandem with the children.

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