Time on Task and “Learner-centered”

Time on Task and “Learner-centered”

I had an “aha” moment today. While doing a deep re-study of Tony Wagner’s _Creating Innovators_, I’ve been tweeting some notes, insights, and questions. Andrew Carle answered back and pointed to the “lie” behind our “learner-centered” language. For me, this short string is a major R&D area!

  1. In school, time blocks somewhat predetermine tasks. What if tasks/objectives determined time blocks? #RealLifeEd #CIStudy #SchoolStructure
  2. @boadams1 From my last decade of pushing for that, the main inst. roadblocks are equity, for both subjects and Teachers (workload).
  3. @boadams1 neither insurmountable. But they reveal the lie behind our “learner centered” facade.
  4. @boadams1 impossible to be learner centered when you hire adults for N hours of Y subject, 45 min at a time … and then look for Ss agency.
  5. @tieandjeans My last half-decade shows same insights as you shared. Thank you! I could not agree more. Your 3 tweets are at heart of issue.
  6. Curators of “lessons” exercise > meta-cognition. We need to make time & space for Ss curation. IF we want #creativity #innovation / #CIStudy
  7. Love this paragraph. Harkens the real root of “education.” #CIStudy amzn.com/k/KsQmBLbJSRml… Beverley explained further, “It is a compe…
  8. How’s our balance in schools among “succeed tasks” and “explore tasks?” #CIStudy amzn.com/k/I86DmuHlQ8Oh… So many kids are so programme…
  9. Another “balance” to explore: delivering content vs creating opportunities. How might we know our pedagogical balance in schools? #CIStudy
  10. “CQ [curiosity] PQ [passion] > IQ” Friedman via Wagner #CIStudy #SchoolStructure amzn.com/k/wFLhTpItSsSe… “CQ [curiosity] plus PQ [pa…
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Note: I’m learning how to export Storify to WordPress. I’ll get better at it. Anyway, I share this collection of tweets in hopes of inviting more people into this reflection, discussion, and R&D.
How might we move forward on the big ideas of “student-centered” and learner-centered?” As long as the teachers are the primary curators of departmentalized content knowledge, how will we get to the type of Edu 3.0 learning environments that seem essential for transforming “content-delivery systems” into “creativity-and-innovation facilitation labs?”

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