My next chapter – joining @MVPSchool, a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact #MVPSchool

Beginning June 1, 2013, I will become a full-time member of the incredible team and family of people at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School! Today, on his Design Movement blog, Head of School Dr. Brett Jacobsen announced my appointment as Chief Learning and Innovation Officer.

To say that I am excited to join MVPS would be an enormous understatement. For a number of years, I have been following the transformative and innovative work of the MVPS faculty and leadership team. The number of educators there that I follow via Twitter and long-form blogs has continued to grow and grow as time has gone on. And the face-to-face time with MVPS folks always proves inspiring. In my research and practice, I yearn to find organizations that live on the frontier of engaging education and meaningful learning.

MVPS lives on that frontier.

On so many occasions, I have written about MVPS here on It’s About Learning, and I have tweeted and retweeted about their practices, because I think the school stands out as an exemplar in our current national landscape of educational transformation and innovation. During his cross-country #EdJourney tour of “schools of the future,” my friend Grant Lichtman published this post about Mount Vernon; clearly he sensed and observed the same energy that I have perceived emanating from the school.

At Unboundary, we talk of and partner with organizations that strive for significance – a strong indicator of alignment among identity, character, purpose, and impact. A truly significant organization has all kinds of people cheering for its success because it is making a positive difference in the world, and to a considerable degree.

For quite some time, I’ve been cheering for MVPS and the significant impact it makes in the lives of children, learners, educators, education, and the local-global spectrum of communities. I am deeply grateful that MVPS has invited me and welcomed me to their team and family. And I’m honored and invigorated to join in the work that MVPS forwards through inquiry, innovation, and impact.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 12.03.37 PM

= = =

In my most recent chapter, being a part of Unboundary has been – and will continue to be – a life-changing experience. This studio of transformation designers and strategists engages the world with optimistic curiosity and profound wisdom about what it takes to purposefully design and successfully implement organizational change. Unboundary, its people, and its transformation-design work are in my blood, and I am thrilled to weave together this chapter with my next chapter at MVPS. How thrilling that design connects Unboundary and MVPS in such significant ways. I am eternally grateful to both places and teams of people. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “My next chapter – joining @MVPSchool, a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact #MVPSchool

  1. A bigger person would be so excited for you and for MVPS…but I can’t help but be JEALOUS. I want a Bo Adams (if not THE Bo Adams) at my school. I have been trying to be happy for all involved for days–alas, still jealous. Turns out that I am a really tall person but not a ‘big’ person. Best of luck and you must promise to keep thinking, writing, connecting, and encouraging the rest of us!

    • Katherine,

      Thank you! Your comment means the world to me – its authenticity is profoundly important to me. I’d like to be the kind of person who could humbly respond to such a note – to know just what to say. But, alas, I’m really flattered and made proud (it’s true) by what you’ve written. Again, thank you. I believe my life’s purpose is to be an “inventor” in this school-transformation landscape we’re painted into. I want to be in the R&D milieu of school remodeling and innovation. Your comment is great encouragement and fuel for me. Thank you! I do plan to keep writing – such is essential to me, and I find great pleasure in knowing that me shares could be helping even one other educational change agent. And I also benefit immeasurably from the sharing, thinking, and inspiring that comes from others.

      I do hope we find ways to keep our paths and work intersecting. All the best to you and Walker!

  2. Congratulations, my dear friend! While I have enjoyed following your journey this year through your blog, I am thrilled to no end that your heart will beat closer to students. They, as I, will only benefit.

  3. What wonderful news Bo. I wish you all the best as you continue to shape the conversation about learning and innovations in education. MVPS is lucky to get you. I will let my SVP know as she has her children there and will welcome you with open arms for sure!

    • Thank you, Keith! Among many gifts this year at Unboundary, I have enjoyed spending time talking with you. It was great to see you at TEDxAtlanta last week. I hope we can stay connected.

      I appreciate your mention to LD – I heard her speak at the MVPS Design Thinking Summit in 2012, and I thought she was superb as a speaker and activator of ideas and action.

  4. Bo–I am a huge fan of MVPS and totally get the energy you refer to above. It is an incredibly caring community filled with innovative and committed educators. I am thrilled to hear you will be joining their team in this significant way! Jane will be at Camp Mustang Junior this summer so perhaps our paths will cross when I’m on campus. Congratulations on this exciting new season! Best, Kimbrell

    • Thanks, Kimbrell. I have such high regard and high respect for your perspective and point of view – I love hearing that you share this appreciation for MVPS. And I do hope to see you and Jane this summer. That’s an exciting bonus for me. All the best to you; hope you are well.

  5. Congratulations Bo! You are going to be part of a terrific team and make an incredible contribution to MVPS. I can’t wait to hear about the year as it progresses. See you in Memphis!

    • Thank you, Mark. I am thrilled to join MVPS, and I look forward to continuing our ongoing conversations from that new home of mine. I’m excited to see you in Memphis, too.

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