#MustRead Shares (weekly)

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  • Great resource from Business Innovation Factory —
    “BMGF contracted the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) to better understand the feedback that teachers receive, in what ways that feedback is shared, and under what conditions the feedback impacts teacher performance (both negatively and positively).”

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  • What if school were not modeled on an industrial paradigm – seemingly composed of various parts that make a whole? Perhaps instruction, curriculum, assessment, etc. are not parts but more accurately a system of one “material.” Using such natural paradigm for the design of schools could result in a more organic and human way of learning. 

    I enjoyed discovering Neri Oxman’s work via Business Innovation Factory. There is much here to translate to school transformation and redesign.

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  • “The central strategy for Bennington turned out to be disarmingly simple and straightforward: to turn the world’s most pressing problems themselves into major definers and organizers of the curriculum. They would be accorded the same authority to generate and organize curriculum now held exclusively by the traditional disciplines in the arts and sciences.”

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  • “In recent years interest has grown in ‘pedagogy’ within English-language discussions of education. The impetus has come from different directions. There have been those like Paulo Freire seeking a ‘pedagogy of the oppressed’ or ‘critical pedagogy’; practitioners wanting to rework the boundaries of care and education via the idea of social pedagogy; and, perhaps most significantly, governments wanting to constraint the activities of teachers by requiring adherence to preferred ‘pedagogies’.

    “A common way of approaching pedagogy is as the art and science (and maybe even craft) of teaching. As we will see, viewing pedagogy in this way both fails to honour the historical experience, and fails to connect crucial areas of theory and practice.”

    tags: pedagogy #MustRead

  • “The school’s mission statement spells out the core ingredients such a re-imagining will require: “cultivating creative, joyful and compassionate inquirers who use courageous and innovative thinking to build a harmonious and sustainable world.” “

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