The Best — of 2012 Lists. Is anyone writing My Best Learnings of 2012?

The “Best of 2012” lists are everywhere. As I read my blog feeds each morning, as I scan the news headlines, and as I listen to live radio and recorded podcasts, I feel a bit inundated with these Best of… in 2012 collections.

In all of my scanning and searching, though, I have not come across a “Best of What I Learned in 2012” list from any students/learners sharing on a digital portfolio. I wonder why.

Are teachers assigning such reflection prompts but the resulting writing or podcasting is kept private? Or does such an assignment not happen, really? Are any learners choosing – unprompted – to create a collection of Best Learnings in 2012? Why haven’t I thought to do so myself?

It seems to me that such a learning reflection might be something of an ideal endeavor for learners young and old not so young. Do you know of such a list or school-based assignment? If so, will you share a link in the comments? Again, I am curious if any teachers have assigned a student reflection akin to “What are your top (10) learnings from the past year?” Or “What things have you learned in 2012 that seem indispensable to you – the things that have been most meaningful or that seem like they will be the most useful and enduring?”

I’m thinking about my list of Best Learnings in 2012. I’d love it if you would share yours. Or if you’d put me onto such lists that already exist.

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