Resilience: C.J. Huff, Joplin Schools-Community Synergy, PopTech

Reality: C.J. Huff and his community are the human version of that proverbial plant that determinedly and lovingly fights its way through concrete and asphalt to get to the sun and water. What an amazing story and inspiration.

Thank you: Thank you C.J. Huff, Joplin, PopTech and David Cannon for sharing this story of resilience. May we all go and do likewise…and not just because of tragedy.

From PopTech site…

C.J. Huff on resilience in the aftermath of the unthinkable

Mark Benjamin ( BIO  /   POSTS )  |  Sunday, October 21, 2012 UTC


C.J. Huff is the superintendent of Joplin, Mo. schools who led his district of thousands of employees and students through the recovery effort that followed the infamous Joplin tornado. “We had children in the rubble…and there is no worse feeling in the world,” he said about the moments after the storm. “I can tell you, at this time in my life, I had 7,747 kids that I was responsible for, and I could only account for my two children.”

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