Grant Lichtman’s #EdJourney Videocast, Episode 1

In just a few short days, my friend and colleague Grant Lichtman, author of The Falconer: What We Wished We Had Learned In School, will begin a three-month, cross-country trek to visit more than fifty schools – schools that are navigating their own journeys through the transforming landscape of education.

You can follow Grant’s adventure by tuning into his blog, The Learning Pond. Grant will also be tweeting to #EdJourney. Most recently, on September 5, Grant provided a T-3 Days countdown to his trip’s beginnings.

In the spirit of innovating and learning-by-doing, Grant and I are trying a little experiment to accompany his travels. As Grant ventures from school to school, I plan to do my best impression of Daniel Pink’s Office Hours and interview Grant about a few highlights from the week. This morning, we captured episode #1 of Grant Lichtman’s #EdJourney Videocast. We hope you’ll follow along as Grant gathers insights about the ways in which different schools are addressing the issues that surround “schools of the future” and the “future of schools.”

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