CHANGEd: What if we crafted a ten commandments of modern schooling? 60-60-60 #51

Listening to This American Life episode, “The Ten Commandments,” I thought about what our ten commandments of modern schooling might be. Wouldn’t it be interesting to engage in a faculty exercise of recording ten such expectations, one each on a Post-it note, and affinity mapping the commonality and differences among a school’s tribe of practitioners? Shouldn’t we have some level of agreement about the ten most fundamental expectations for schooling in our modern era? Do we?

In the comments section, I hope you might record one or more of your suggested commandments for modern schooling. Sharing our thinking might make for some interesting conversation.

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9 thoughts on “CHANGEd: What if we crafted a ten commandments of modern schooling? 60-60-60 #51

  1. Bo, I thought of you when I read this article today in Psychology Today. Though there are aspects of this opinion piece that I am wondering about and would debate, I agree with its mastery, autonomy, drive approach…and, of course, “jazz.”

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  3. My top commandment would be that modern schooling MUST make a real difference to the life chances of the individual learner.

    My second commandment would be that all learners must be encouraged to use what they have learned to make a significant difference to the world in which they live.

  4. You know all of mine, but make a note: this is a good new game of its own; makes the statement of “essential qualities of a graduate” an operational discussion rather than a philosophical one.

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