CHANGEd: What if we schools collaborated more purposefully? 60-60-60 #43

In all of the talk about 21st Century learning, one would be hard pressed not to hear “collaboration” mentioned. We expect students to learn to collaborate, and we structure more opportunities for students to co-labor. Certainly, we expect our teachers and faculties to collaborate more deliberately. What if we schools collaborated more purposefully? Isn’t more intentional school-to-school collaboration the next (and critical) ripple in the pond? [Maybe it should have been the first!] When do we put aside unique branding, competition, rival mascot bashing, and realize that deep, systemic educational transformation will demand that we work together.

When Hollywood has a big issue to address – an humongous asteroid hurtling towards Earth or an evil Empire building a Death Star that can destroy planets, for instance – they always create a crackpot team of amazing strength-diversity, and they co-labor to save the day. When might “School Wars” hit the big screen…not because we are battling each other – public vs. private, private vs. private, etc. – but because we are teaming and collaborating to make big, needed change in our universe?!

“Use the Force!” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

CHANGEd: What if…60-60-60 Project Explained

4 thoughts on “CHANGEd: What if we schools collaborated more purposefully? 60-60-60 #43

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