CHANGEd: What if we shared more? 60-60-60 #1

What if…we teachers shared more publicly? At #NAISac12, I blessedly spent time with John Hunter. His TED talk is incredible! This summer, I’ll attend a Martin Institute workshop with him. During his keynote, he said he’d used World Peace Game for over 30 years. What other amazing practices are out there?! Let’s share and learn more with each other!

[59 words + “Examples” below = 60! I’m not counting the bullets!]


CHANGEd: What if…60-60-60 Project Explained

3 thoughts on “CHANGEd: What if we shared more? 60-60-60 #1

  1. As someone not in the daily trenches of education (school board member not a teacher), I find it curious that the historic culture among teachers is not to share best practices. To me, it seems inherent that the nature of education should be about the free and open exchange of ideas. It’s encouraging to see what you, Bo, and other educators have been doing with your blogs to pull back the curtains. In our competitive and independent culture, it can be too easy to forget why we are involved in education in the first place: to help children!

    • Jeff, I believe that most all teachers have sharing hearts. Until recently, though, we found it relatively challenging to share except at lunch tables, faculty lounges, etc. Systemic issues and challenges with sharing mechanisms made it difficult to share methodically. Now, with more systems of teacher teaming and web 2.0 tools, the capacities and capabilities of sharing are virtually endless. We just need to develop the habits and practices of sharing. We need to engage networks deliberately. Others should be readily able to see and hear what is happening in Synergy, HS Research, etc. But we need to all exercise our sharing hearts by employing the technologies and relationships that will serve all learners better.

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