Dolphin Tale and an Ole Sappy Educator

Just left theatre after seeing Dolphin Tale with my mom and my two sons. I felt so compelled to write, I had to download WordPress for iPhone. If you want to see what actually exists in my mind for the future of education, see the movie. In the film, a boy’s love for a dolphin and the boy’s desire to make a difference create “school” for Sawyer. Through project-based, integrated studies, and authentic assessment and collaboration, Sawyer learns and does make a difference.

Call me a sap, but I cried for much of the movie. Not because of the quality of the film, but because of what I believe possible for school. Such is my project. Such is my goal.

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Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.

2 thoughts on “Dolphin Tale and an Ole Sappy Educator

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