It’s about…Smiling!

It’s about learning smiling!

2 thoughts on “It’s about…Smiling!

  1. This was my favorite TedTalk from this week…

    I wonder if even thinking about smiling or sending a “:)” electronically offers the same cognitive boost…
    it’s worth a try!

  2. I find it fascinating that the study regarding the benefits of smiling was done at a French university. When we take the students on the French Exchange program, we actually caution them against smiling too much (with strangers) because excessive smiling is a sure sign of an American and it makes one a target of wrongdoers. I distinctly remember having a conversation in French on an Air France bus in Paris, and the French person with whom I was speaking did not realize that I was American until I smiled. She told me in French, “I knew you were an American as soon as you smiled.” Interesting…I am curious to know whether smiling is really as cross cultural and universal as the Ted Talk implies. Of course, if it is indeed biological, would culture be irrelevant?

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