Swirling the Blog Reader

During my first week on sabbatical at Unboundary, I have come to love the term and practice of “swirling.” I will explain swirling in more detail in an upcoming blog post entitled “Riffs, Swirls, and Boards.” This morning, though, I swirled my blog reader. I used recommendations from a few colleagues to do so – two of the three colleagues I have never met in person.

After deleting about 10 blogs from my reader, I added about 10 new blogs (new to me) from the following sources.

I am excited to see what this swirl will bring to my thinking and learning. I am looking forward to identifying new boundaries to unboundary.

Have you swirled your reading recently?

1 thought on “Swirling the Blog Reader

  1. I tend to use my bloglist on the sidebar as my blog reader of sorts, which makes it a very visible view of what I am reading. Because of the visibility, it sometimes gets interpreted as a ‘you like me/you don’t like me’ situation.

    When I registered my own domain and made the transition, all went smoothly with the exception of my blog list. I had to start from scratch, which was both frustrating and interesting.

    I think it might be time to ‘swirl’ my bloglist! Or, maybe I should transition to a blog reader instead, and only put the blogs that truly inspire me, for my eyes only.

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