A Big Week for Visual Arts in the Junior High

This week, two extraordinary art exhibits opened in Atlanta. Well, probably more than two opened in Atlanta, but I am particularly interested in these two:

  1. Junior High art students exhibited their creations in Broyles Art Center at The Westminster Schools. Each student who is enrolled in Junior High art selected a single piece of their work (and/or a teacher selected it) to display in the Gaines Foyer of Broyles. Here’s a short video for a visual reference…
  2. Students, from both Westminster and Lovett, ranging in age from kindergarten and pre-first, through middle school and junior high, as well as high school, witnessed special selections of their art open at the High Museum of Atlanta. The student art hung under the same museum roof as special exhibits of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Toulouse Lautrec. The turnout was superb, and I was overwhelmed with pride for the students who had created such powerful visuals for their views of the world and the ideas within their minds.

1 thought on “A Big Week for Visual Arts in the Junior High

  1. Returning to school on Monday morning and being greeted with a visual reminder of our event at the High was a treat! It is impressive to receive such a message in a timely way. The students and their parents were excited and proud, and the art faculty were equally so!!
    Thanks for this note, complete with music.

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