iDiploma Challenge at the d.School

Almost a year ago, the Innovation Diploma facilitator team began imagining an intensive field experience at the Stanford d.School. While Mount Vernon has been a school steeped in design thinking for about six years, and while the iDiploma foundations are … Continue reading

iDiploma The Innovation Diploma (or iDiploma) is a multi-year program for high school students, empowered to engage in real-world challenges as a major part of their schooling and to build capacity in the Innovator’s DNA traits – observing, questioning, experimenting, … Continue reading

How do we teach “The Explorers?” #fsbl #synergy #iDiploma #TVRSE15

How do you teach “The Explorers” at your school? Stop and think about that question for awhile. Interpret it. Ponder it. Did you interpret the question to mean, “How do we teach about Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Columbus, Lewis and … Continue reading