Numbers Count: Contextual Assessment and Quantitative Measures in #PBL #DTk12

“He got one out of three!,” said Phil. “Wow! Can you believe that?!,” responded Ann. Did the “He” in this short story experience success or failure? Context makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it? I can imagine one … Continue reading

Lemme See Your Tootsie Roll – I Mean, PBL! Encienda #EduCon #EduCon25

How might schools nurture curiosity, imagination, and humanity to a greater degree? It might be as “easy” as being intentional and purposeful about practicing those traits. On Saturday, I was honored to share an Encienda presentation at EduCon 2.5. Encienda … Continue reading

PROCESS POST: Ludwick Marishane and #PBL – “What’s stopping you?”

… one question I have for the audience today is, on the gravel roads of Limpopo, with an allowance of 50 rand a week, I came up with a way for the world not to bathe. What’s stopping you? (Applause) What is stopping us? … Continue reading

Inspired by possibilities of #PBL – how are we engaging our students with problem finding and solving?

Two emails and a nearby creek have me giddy about #PBL possibilities. Yep, that’s right – I said giddy. I admit that I have an issue – whatever it is I think I see… becomes a PBL to me. Giddy-up … Continue reading