Semester One: Purposeful Wandering

Meghan Cureton (@MeghanCureton) provides a zoomed-out perspective and reflection on the inaugural semester of the Innovation Diploma at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation.


A New Paradigm
“To cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset cannot be achieved by simply adding another course to teach entrepreneurship to the existing paradigm. We now need a new education paradigm—entrepreneur-oriented education, instead of the employee-oriented education. Such a paradigm is really about the human dimensions. It is about respecting children as human beings and about supporting, not suppressing, their passion, curiosity, and talent.” –Dr. Yong Zhao

Innovation Diploma boasts an incredibly rich foundation. It’s built on ideas generated by business leaders, school administrators, students, teachers, community members, and thought leaders in innovation, education, creativity, and psychology. It’s a direct response to the Institute for the Future’s research on what our graduates will need in 2020 and an almagomation of the recomendations the 2013 Council on Innnovation members provided Mount Vernon. But the program, which is still in its infancy, continues to morph based on the needs of the twelve…

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